tl;dr systems improving gradually. Xonotic on, download here.

Hi everyone! We’ve had radio silence here for quite a while, largely because I have no idea what I’m doing with all these boxes and all the services they’re running. I barely managed to get the sites back up in early September after an all-summer outage…

But we’re back, I’ve managed to wrangle the systems to give me admin privileges on most of the services I know we’re running (pretty useful for being able to run them) and have even somehow managed to update wordpress.

Anyway, you may be here because of tonight’s gaming night meetup, in which case you can grab Xonotic from here — it’ll be a bit faster since you can download it via the LAN if you’re there. If you’re anywhere else just get it from its official website. Once you’ve got it running (just unpack the zip file and you should be good to go), connect to!

See you!