Hey All,

It’s about time we had another update, Hope you’re all doing well!


Thanks to everyone who managed to come along. We had a great time running the event and hope you all had fun being there. We’ve put the photos up on our website now and you can have a look at them all here.

Weekly Meetings

With the deadlines for fourth year dissertations approaching, most of the people (myself included) running the society will be unavailable for the majority of the time. I’m fretting slightly just writing this post! Therefore we need you guys to suggest topics and plans for the next few weeks. We’ll ask at the end of each meeting what you want to cover the following, and try our best to cover it. 🙂

Thursday 3rd March (Tomorrow)

We’re going to be running an intro to web design. This will run at a relaxed pace to introduce the concepts of HTML and CSS and we’ll work towards building up some nice static pages, then take it from there depending on how well we get on. ^_^

We’ll meet in Level 14 of Livingstone Tower in the lab next to the fourth year one at 6pm aiming to get started shortly after. (Knock on the wooden door with the keypad lock!)

Bringing your own laptop is advised. We have our lab computers that you’re welcome to use if you would prefer. (They’re on a First come-first served basis however!)

Hope to see you tomorrow!