They came. They hacked. They conquered.

So StrathHACK is over for another year. We saw some excellent work from all the people who came along. Many laughs were had, pizzas were demolished and prizes given out!

A huge thanks to all of you for attending, for giving us lots of great laughs throughout the night and some really cool gadgets, ideas, and presentations to round off the weekend. The teamwork, and effort shown throughout the whole event (with some teams working together on ideas) was fantastic to see too!

If you want to look back on your work, or have a look at what everyone else was doing all of the project submissions can be found on the devpost page for the event.

We hope to see you there next year for StrathHACK ’17 and at other MLH hackathons too!

Thanks again to our sponsors for making this possible:


President’s Note: And lastly a thanks to the crew members for hanging in there throughout the night. Without you guys helping every step of the way, through planning, preparations, the running and after the event, none of this would have happened. Thanks everyone!